Cloud Platform Engineering, DevOps, SRE, Kubernetes, KOPS

Who are we?

Resilient Data Systems is a consultancy specialising in cloud native and hybrid IT infrastructures and scalable, microservice based systems. We deliver solutions that are fully tailored to your need in terms of resiliency, scalability. If you would like to meet for a cup of tea or coffee in Cambridge or London please get in touch.

What do we do?

We work with borad range of technologies and we do continuously evolve, always seeking best possible solution and technologies for our customers. Below is a set of technologies we commonly use while delivering projects:

Kubernetes and Docker

Transform your operations and the way you scale, deploy and expand with Kubernetes and Docker.

AWS and GCP Cloud

Transform or expand your digital capabilities, lower time to market, boost innovation and resiliency with cloud platforms and solutions.

Visualise, monitor and alert

Well tailored visualisation, monitoring and alerting setup is crucial to cost effectively run any type of IT system or infrastructure. Monitor what matters, route alerts to those who can respond and give your team insight into performance and stability of the whole system without compromising performance.

Infrastructure as a code

Build your infrastructure according to an exact recipe, each and every time. Define infrastructure as a code, test it, scale it and turn auto-pilot when building it.

Build pipelines and CICD

Empower your engineers with powerful, flexible and scalable CICD systems that can improve visibility, efficiency and automation in your build process. Jenkins, GitLab,

Contingency and DR planning

Always expect unexpected. Get your team ready to tackle any outage, draw up plans and exercise for those events.