I am Cambridge based contract software and DevOps engineer dedicated to delivery of high quality code, systems and automated software infrastructures (Linux based). As DevOps practitioner I believe that DevOps teams can deliver faster, higher quality and more robust systems. I am an Agile practitioner and advocate; Certified Scrum Master (2012).
If you would like to enquire about my availability to take on new contracts or consulting, please check contact form or connect on LinkedIn.

As a Software and DevOps Engineer, I am focused on:
– developing high quality, testable and maintainable software systems (mainly Java and Python)
– designing and building data processing pipeline and machine learning software solutions
– designing and delivering HA, resilient and automated software infrastructures
– coaching teams towards DevOps roles
– designing and building Continuous Delivery workflows and environments
– designing and building real-time infrastructure monitoring (resources, performance, QoS, etc.)
– providing consulting on load balancing, clustering, scaling, caching and performance optimisation of web applications
– providing consulting on virtualisation, private, shared and hybrid cloud environments
– providing consulting on large scale performance testing with cloud environments

Having passion for high quality systems, performance, and reliability I was gradually expanding my knowledge beyond programming languages and best software development practices and methodologies. I learned about environments in which those application run and how to make them faster, more reliable cost efficient in terms of maintenance and development. Combining my knowledge and experience of software development, Linux administration, networks, and wide knowledge of servers’ hardware and platforms (bare metal, private clouds, shared clouds, hybrid) makes me an experienced DevOp/WebOp. During my career I have been involved not only in designing and developing software applications, but also in designing environments in which software runs, keeping in mind performance, reliability, high availability, resilience to failures and human errors and real-time monitoring (instant feedback to DevOps/admins).